Her body, Her choice is one of the feminist slogans that really bothers me.  It doesn’t bother me because it’s wrong.  It bothers me because it is a half truth.  It is poisonous language that tries to warp the truth.  Her body, Her Choice is not incorrect, it is very incomplete.  The real argument that’s hidden in this half truth is Exclusively her body, Exclusively her choice, but it’s not her responsibility (so we will leave that part off).  Exclusively her body, Exclusively her choice, Exclusively her responsibility is an Idea I can get behind.

Her body Vs. Exclusively her body.  There is a difference here, but it’s subtle.  To show this difference I will ask a question.  When is it NOT Her Body?  When as a man would it be legally, morally and socially acceptable for me to take ownership and control of the body of my girl friend?  When is it NOT Her Body?  The answer is clear.  NEVER.  Slavery and the ownership of people was outlawed a long time ago.  To argue against Exclusively her body would be to argue that someone else can and should take ownership of her body, this is not acceptable.

Her Choice Vs. Exclusively Her Choice.  This one is clear.  The choice is about Her Body.  To deny a person any aspect of choice when it comes to their own body is in affect taking ownership of the body.  This is the fundamental connection that Her body, her choice is based on.  It is true and it’s also exclusive.

This leaves Exclusively Her Responsibility.  Exclusive choice means exclusive responsibilities.  This is accepted everywhere else.  I choose to buy a car.  It is exclusively my choice.  I can’t hold by Mother liable if I get a bad deal.  I can’t demand money from my Girl Friend to pay for it.  The car was exclusively my choice, and is exclusively my responsibility.  This fundamental should not change regardless of if the choice is “What’s for dinner” or bringing a child to term.